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Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions

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Whether you like to avail of the Oahu tours and visit Hawaii or you want something with urban and blings like Las Vegas, you might want to also avail of the car rental or a personal chauffeur to help you get through the foreign place. Especially that we need to take proper care of our health as well as maintain social distancing with people despite the majority of the population having already been vaccinated.   

Here are the frequently asked questions when it comes to car rental:   

Is a private car comfortable?   

Comfort and flexibility are the two advantages that you can enjoy when you hire a private car service. Modern buses may operate goodly buy the advantage of having and owning the entire car and doing your stuff without eyes prying on you is such a luxury when you travel somewhere you are not familiar with. Moreover, public transportation may not be too accommodating as it was reported that Uber and Lyft may have reduced numbers due to the pandemic and this entails a price hike. Speaking about pandemics, you will not also like to share your personal space with strangers and I tell you, public transport now is so crowded.   

Could the guide be at the same time as the driver?  

We advise that you take a personal driver and a guide to make the experience more fun and convenient. However, in my experience in the car rental services, I notice drivers have developed skills in informing customers of some interesting facts of the places they are passing by, although this should not be generalized. There are still drivers who need to focus on the road for maximum safety.   

Do they have insurance?  

All cars, whether rented or not should have insurance. And if the service you hire does not provide insurance, well, it is time to shoo away and find a better company that will provide a safety net. Local insurance, as well as a financial refund for accidents, may vary from company to company, depending on what kind of insurance they availed of, among other factors. The thing is, find a good driver and you will never have to worry about having a potential accident along the way.   

What kind of car is more advantageous?  

All cars are advantageous depending on where you would want to go and what activities you will be doing. However, it is noticeable that when you want to travel with some noise, open-air, and with some informalities then don’t opt for a very expensive car. Choose a car that is in between, just make sure that the car does not have any damages.   

Do I need to provide the fuel?  

No. Fuel should already be part of the price they set for renting the car. The car needs to be in the full tank when handed to the customer and it is up to the customer to fill in again in the middle of the tour if they ran out of gas. Most companies also provide an estimation of the fuel consumption too so you will know what to prepare.   

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